The funniest April Fools joke I ever did play.

There is not much I love more than a good prank. I’m not super great at pulling them off because I cannot lie myself out of a paper bag so any practical joke I play has to be quick and spontaneous not in any way involving conversation with the one being pranked. It also helps if they do not have to look at my face. I cannot for the life of me pretend like nothing is happening. SO, trying to convince someone I made it on American Idle, or something of the like is just OUT OF THE QUESTION.

However, there was this one year… The kids were all still at home and I’d been thinking for days about what I could do. You have to know that my Ethan is also a prankster.  He is often the one playing the jokes though. He loved nothing more than hiding behind a door, in a closet, under a blanket, behind a curtain with the full intention of jumping out at you when you least expect it. He started this very young and is full of ideas and unlike his mom he’s pretty good at pulling them off.

This particular April Fools though, the girls and I got him good! He never could have expected what we would do and while is sounds so simple, it was oh such sweet payback for the many years full of times he made my heart race. .  We completed the prank almost at the same time I thought of it. It was more than spontaneous. I did not think of if ahead of time, there was no planning, I simply said heres what here doing and we just went to it. Just like any other night, Ethan got in the shower and that’s when it came to me. I gathered the girls and explained what we would do They were game and we were all a bit giggle. After he’d been in there a bit, the girls and I banged on the door and yelled fire. This could have really backfired as I would be the one paying the doctors bill had he been injured. I heard it all happen in slow motion and while I was a little worried on the other side of the door imagining what could be happening in there I was belly laughing while the tears rolled down my face. I heard the frantic pull of the shower curtain as he stumbled out of the tub, slipping on the tile floor only to have his fist force a hole in the bathroom door. Yes that is right folks, in the spirit of playing a good joke I put my boy in danger and I have never laughed so hard in my life! When he opened the door , there we were the three of us standing  there with huge smiles on our faces, Ok who am I kidding …. We were all laughing hysterically. Not to mention the satisfaction of having finally gotten one over on him.