Faith Shaming vs. Love

Soooo, recently I was reading the IG of a beautiful woman who is LDS. I love her IG. PAUSE HERE FOR A SHOUTOUT TO @Whiteshantyathome – ya’ll go check her out. She is stylish and has the ability to make any room look homey and comfortable and lived in in the most beautiful way. She is very family oriented and her daughter had just made the decision to follow Jesus and mom was expressing how very happy this made her. I was glancing through the comments when I noticed a woman who had “catholic” in her username commented among other things “Praying you find truth”

I am neither LDS or Catholic. I do have friends from both faiths. We are able to discuss our beliefs, our love for God and our relationship with Jesus Christ. We are able to glean wisdom from one another and respect the fact that while we all may have a different interpretation of the Bible the one thing that is a common thread and draws us together is the fact that we love Jesus and have a deep desire to please God through our everyday actions with people we meet and our families.

You should know I lived many miserable years in legalism. If you were Mormon I didn’t read your blog, If you were Catholic I didn’t listen to your advice. If you had just 1 view point I didn’t agree with I discounted everything you had to say. Notice I said MISERABLE years! I was right and that was it. My church and church leaders were the authority and that was it. There was no other possibility. A devastating life event occurred and someone I love deeply left this earth. He was a teenager and suffered a great deal before going to live with Jesus. That event caused me to question EVERYTHING I believed and what God revealed to me is that I am called to Love. Plain and simple I am here to love you. No matter what religion you are, no matter whom you choose to love, no matter what sin you committed 10 minutes ago, no matter how you parent, no matter how you feed your kids, NO MATTER –  when the Lord brings us together in a common place, I am called to love you. Plain and simple. When Christ himself was asked by an expert of the law “what must I do to inherit eternal life?” he answered “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength; and love your neighbor as yourself” Luke 10:27

So I say … stop faith shaming! You my friend have nothing to fear. You will not be judged on your neighbors beliefs, or practices. However, I have a feeling God himself is watching to see just how much love, true heart felt, from the gut love we express to one another, different doctrines and all!