American Idol, the best audition ever!

If you did not see “Kai the singer” on American Idol, and even if you did, you really should watch again.check out Kai the singer here

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Such a beautiful soul! I wish you all the best in the years to come!

It must be said … I really want to be like her when I grow up! I mean, it takes something in your depths to be able to view life and its many challenges like she does . I’m not talking about your everyday hardships. You know, like my credit card bill is due and I don’t know how I’m going to pay it or  We eatin’ beanie weenies for dinner all week before pay day. No, this girl said she and her family lived in their car and she was THANKFUL for the car!!! I am sure many, probably most of us Americans have a difficult time wrapping our head around that. I can only speak for myself and say I feel certain I unfortunately,  would probably not demonstrate the same attitude in that situation.

We as a society have become so accustomed to having our own space, our privacy, we don’t share our telephone and we have personal sized everything. That puts us in a really selfish mindset. Lord help me not to be selfish, help me not to forget all the blessings you have poured out over my life, help me to look at my world through the eyes of Kai the singer!


Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Did you know it’s national PB&J day. I mean really, who knew there was such a thing! Who doesn’t love a good PB&J sandwich? Have you ever thought how many ways there are to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? There is a decision at every turn.

Step #1 the bread .. white or wheat? Does the bread matter to you? Do you prefer white squishy bread, crust-less or with crust? Step #2. What kind of peanut butter. There are a great many out there. The brands are endless. Not only do you have to decide on brand but once you have that figured out you also must decide if you want whipped, creamy, crunchy, natural? I personally prefer creamy Peter Pan. #peterpanpeanutbutter

Step#3 “buttering your bread. Do you “butter” 1 piece of bread or both. Do you use a spoon, meaning you really like that peanut butter thick or do you spread it thin with a knife? Do you go all the way to the edges for cut it a little short hoping to keep it neat and clean.

Step #4 OHHHH you then must decide, Jelly, Jam or honey? If you use jam or jelly, you have to determine the flavor you are in the mood for? I am a grape jelly girl all the way. Do you apply your jelly the same way you do your peanut butter. Thick or thin, 1 side or 2?


Step #5 To cut or eat whole. If you decide to cut, how many pieces, do you cut it diagonal or vertical?

My perfect PB and J? Fresher than fresh white, squishy, bunny bread, Peter Pan Peanut Butter, creamy … “butter” both sides of the bread using a spoon and making sure it is thick, creating little divots for the jelly to sit in. Then and only then do I use a spoon to apply the jelly, cut it diagonal in 2 pieces and enjoy. Now who wants to talk about the multiple ways to eat a pbandj? Yeah … me either.

Side note … I made this PB&J for my little brother who is a PB&J expert … if you know me you know I don’t do Strawberry … ANYTHING … BLECH

So let’s hear it … how do you make your favorite peanut butter and jelly?

The funniest April Fools joke I ever did play.

There is not much I love more than a good prank. I’m not super great at pulling them off because I cannot lie myself out of a paper bag so any practical joke I play has to be quick and spontaneous not in any way involving conversation with the one being pranked. It also helps if they do not have to look at my face. I cannot for the life of me pretend like nothing is happening. SO, trying to convince someone I made it on American Idle, or something of the like is just OUT OF THE QUESTION.

However, there was this one year… The kids were all still at home and I’d been thinking for days about what I could do. You have to know that my Ethan is also a prankster.  He is often the one playing the jokes though. He loved nothing more than hiding behind a door, in a closet, under a blanket, behind a curtain with the full intention of jumping out at you when you least expect it. He started this very young and is full of ideas and unlike his mom he’s pretty good at pulling them off.

This particular April Fools though, the girls and I got him good! He never could have expected what we would do and while is sounds so simple, it was oh such sweet payback for the many years full of times he made my heart race. .  We completed the prank almost at the same time I thought of it. It was more than spontaneous. I did not think of if ahead of time, there was no planning, I simply said heres what here doing and we just went to it. Just like any other night, Ethan got in the shower and that’s when it came to me. I gathered the girls and explained what we would do They were game and we were all a bit giggle. After he’d been in there a bit, the girls and I banged on the door and yelled fire. This could have really backfired as I would be the one paying the doctors bill had he been injured. I heard it all happen in slow motion and while I was a little worried on the other side of the door imagining what could be happening in there I was belly laughing while the tears rolled down my face. I heard the frantic pull of the shower curtain as he stumbled out of the tub, slipping on the tile floor only to have his fist force a hole in the bathroom door. Yes that is right folks, in the spirit of playing a good joke I put my boy in danger and I have never laughed so hard in my life! When he opened the door , there we were the three of us standing  there with huge smiles on our faces, Ok who am I kidding …. We were all laughing hysterically. Not to mention the satisfaction of having finally gotten one over on him.

Faith Shaming vs. Love

Soooo, recently I was reading the IG of a beautiful woman who is LDS. I love her IG. PAUSE HERE FOR A SHOUTOUT TO @Whiteshantyathome – ya’ll go check her out. She is stylish and has the ability to make any room look homey and comfortable and lived in in the most beautiful way. She is very family oriented and her daughter had just made the decision to follow Jesus and mom was expressing how very happy this made her. I was glancing through the comments when I noticed a woman who had “catholic” in her username commented among other things “Praying you find truth”

I am neither LDS or Catholic. I do have friends from both faiths. We are able to discuss our beliefs, our love for God and our relationship with Jesus Christ. We are able to glean wisdom from one another and respect the fact that while we all may have a different interpretation of the Bible the one thing that is a common thread and draws us together is the fact that we love Jesus and have a deep desire to please God through our everyday actions with people we meet and our families.

You should know I lived many miserable years in legalism. If you were Mormon I didn’t read your blog, If you were Catholic I didn’t listen to your advice. If you had just 1 view point I didn’t agree with I discounted everything you had to say. Notice I said MISERABLE years! I was right and that was it. My church and church leaders were the authority and that was it. There was no other possibility. A devastating life event occurred and someone I love deeply left this earth. He was a teenager and suffered a great deal before going to live with Jesus. That event caused me to question EVERYTHING I believed and what God revealed to me is that I am called to Love. Plain and simple I am here to love you. No matter what religion you are, no matter whom you choose to love, no matter what sin you committed 10 minutes ago, no matter how you parent, no matter how you feed your kids, NO MATTER –  when the Lord brings us together in a common place, I am called to love you. Plain and simple. When Christ himself was asked by an expert of the law “what must I do to inherit eternal life?” he answered “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength; and love your neighbor as yourself” Luke 10:27

So I say … stop faith shaming! You my friend have nothing to fear. You will not be judged on your neighbors beliefs, or practices. However, I have a feeling God himself is watching to see just how much love, true heart felt, from the gut love we express to one another, different doctrines and all!

Show me …

God has made us all who we are. It is him who has planted dreams in our heart, given us vision and developed our abilities and talents. Doesn’t it make sense that we should ask him how to best use it all?

When we consult him how to best use HIS creation for HIS glory to serve others He will be faithful to lead us!

And for those of you believing you weren’t created for anything. Wondering if you have anything to bring to the world. Know that you know that you know He made you for something great! Let Him use you and be amazed!

Find your inner warrior!

By Susan James

Have you ever heard the saying, “ New year, new me?” Of course you have because as soon as that clock strikes midnight, that is the statement everyone wants to live by. Then a few months go by and the weight isn’t coming off fast enough or your new career path isn’t going how you thought it would. Life is funny that way you know? We tend to just give up if we aren’t getting the results we want right away. This is exactly what I experienced in 2018.

The beginning of the year started off great. We had just welcomed our second child into the world, we both had jobs that we enjoyed for the most part, money was steady, and it just seemed like the year was gonna be a good one. Then in May, it seemed like everything seemed to take a turn. My marriage was taking a hard hit, my husband was dealing with demons that I couldn’t quite help him with. Not long after that I made the decision to leave my job and then the depression started to set in.

You know that feeling when you get in the pit of your stomach, the one when you start trying to figure out how you got to such a low point. You find yourself sitting on the floor while your babies are napping, looking at them and thinking, “ I failed you.” Well I’m here to tell you, there is hope. There is hope for the girl out there who has given it her all, whether it was a relationship or a job and feels like she failed. You have it in you to pick yourself up and say “not today Satan.” It’s easier said than done, I know but God has done big things in my life before and I am going to keep trusting that big things are coming! So get up, kick off that hurt that is knocking you down right now and shower yourself in some hope.

You got this, there is a warrior inside all of us!