Meet Sara Beth

I am an oily Jesus lover, Young Living essential oils are my addiction of choice. If your interested in checking it out my member # is 12659092 I’d be very happy to share about the difference oils have made in my life and the life of my family. I love the pictures words paint (in simpler terms I’m a writer) I love my children, those who call me mama as well as the bonuses God has placed in my life. I am an artist. I cuss a little, drink a little but do my best to stay off the gossip train. I love my dog … aka #superduperflydogCooper. If I’m driving very far the only way to go is sunroof open, hair blowin’, screaming the totally inappropriate lyrics to every hip/hop / rap artist I find amusing and by lyrics I mean half words cause I only get out the second syllable … yeah I can’t spit that rhyme. If you ask me a stupid question you can almost guarantee I’ve responded in my head with Cardi b lyrics and then thought it better to use my “Harvard” words out loud. I think I’m funny and if you don’t it’s totally ok because I amuse myself. I do my best to enjoy life in the midst of a crazy big mixed up script that sometimes seems so completely overwhelming that I fight with everything I have to embrace the crazy instead of “checking out”. I live moment by moment handin’ the control wheel over to the one who created me because HE knows my name and His purpose for me is far bigger than I could hope, dream or imagine for myself. I’m learning how to love me most without regret of feeling selfish. I’m discovering how to be me freely without holding back. I know where I’m headed, the author of my story has revealed to me the goal and I’m holding on tight as I ride His wave to get me there.

Current favorite song: Lauren Daigle’s “You Say”

Favorite Personal Growth Book: Rachel Hollis’ Girl Wash Your Face … who am I kidding I LOVE all things Rachel Hollis

My favorite Bible verse: “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord Plans to give you a hope and a future” Jeremiah 29:11

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