What’s happening here?

We are building a place, creating a space, providing opportunity and if you think you need it giving you permission to just be you! Sara Beth and Company is being created out of a deep desire to love on women, women from every single walk of life, women who have had the “ideal” life, women who have experienced great trauma and sorrow and women who have walked all the rocky roads in between. It is a space to fall apart if you need to and then let those here help you in getting up, dusting yourself off and rebuilding yourself, reinventing yourself, finding yourself. The goal here is for your to have a safe space to realize along your journey that you are a beautiful created masterpiece, knit together by the most loving of creators. You are worth it. Worth whatever it is your beautiful, loving, strong, warrior heart desires.

We are a place for all women and just for clarification: Women who are single, married, mothers, not yet mothers and strong women who have decided having children is not what they want. We are for all women, women of every race, every background, every culture, from every single socioeconomic category and level of education. We are for women working both outside and inside their home. Women who get up and grind hard daily to bring home the financial support for their family and we are for those who have chosen to make their life’s work in their home. We are for women who are making goals, building plans and hitting it hard to make it happen. We are for the women who love freely, without hesitation and those who have spent years building the wall around their heart hoping to never be hurt again. We don’t care who you love, how deeply you love and why you love we just care that you LOVE! Love one another!