I get knocked down … but I get up again!

And just like that the wind gets knocked out of the sails, your feet get knocked out from under you. Just like that you drop completely out. So we started the blog in March. I worked hard to prepare content a month at a time and for 2 months it worked. I had my schedule and was disciplined and ready to go …. and then the art fair. Life happened ya’ll. Real everyday, in your face, I need this mom, get this done, you have no time to write kind of life. Some days I’m just off balance. I get off kilter and it is way to easy for the unexpected of the everyday life to knock me down. But I got news, as good as I am at getting knocked down I am even better at getting up again. So, I’m up and going. The blog is by no means abandoned. I’m working on some new things. I’m exploring vlogging a little as well as working on getting some more contributors. So, all that said, expect a full come back in the next couple of weeks. I’m fine tuning the focus.

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